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New structures




Name: GDI Plasma Generator

GDI has gotten fed up with constantly building power plants and turbines over, and over, and over again, so one structure is all they have to build to get hum.. what's that Star Craft cheat again  ooh yes, "power overwhelming" hehehehehe

Name: Prism Research Center

Guess what, its happening again, there mucking around with prism tech again. 

Name: Prism Post

And this is the result of the research, okay, okay, it's only to start with but they told me, "there will be more, in a few years time" I hate to see what that's going to look like. :-D

Name: Rail Gun Upgrade

They thought, since the success of the Mammoth Mk II's Rail Gun, why don't we have it as a base defense as well

Name: Advanced Tiberium Silo

They just got fed up of always getting told to build more silos, so they made one that can hold 3 times more tiberium then the original




Name: Laser

Just the same but upgraded a little

Name: Advanced Tiberium Silo

Nod builders protested against building more silos, so nod spies stole the blue prints to this structure from GDI and made the Nod builders happy again