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  • 16th October 2004

OMG!!!! lol its been a year (oops I ment  and Tkm&m is still here, I've been sooo busy working, I have not had time to make any updates to the site. I was only reminded to do it recently by Fireyone from RTS world (thanks btw fire), I am also sad to report the forum dose not exist anymore due to the collapse of the Groovy Gang :*( so as of this update the link for the forum will be removed. Tank_Killer signing off... 


  • 10th March 2003

Ho my god!!! its already been a year since this site has been open, oh and sorry for the update delay. You know I have been so busy trying to put this cartoon together it's just unbelievable but the work must go on and being one of the only operating TS website on the web. Also I would like to apologize for the lack of TS maps, the same reason as above. Oh well time for me to go see you next time!!!!! :-D  


  • 12th Oct 2002

Well i have made another update and a preview of what Project Alpha will look like, Also dependant on how successful the TS cartoon is I may even do one for RA2 so keep visiting for any updates on this, again if you wish to be featured in the cartoon click on the link on the left for details on how, now as a wise pig once said Thhhthhat's all folks :-p :-D


  • 31st July 2002

News time again lol, not much has changed but coming soon will be Project Alpha my first ever web based TS (of course) cartoon its all down on paper now the hard work begins, also if you would like to have your name featured in this cartoon along with Robbie Bear click on the Project Alpha link in the menu bar on the left. That all folks for now ;-D :-D 


  • 26th June 2002

Hi again you lot, I have been busy mucking around with Flash to make a flash banner for affiliation and it now comes with sound how good is that :-D hay you never know I just might make a a little cartoon with flash and TS lol oh well, guess you'll have to wait now won't ya!! :-p :-D 

  • 29th May 2002

Guess what, we have two more affiliates on the page :) at this point I would like to say to them is WELCOME and they are Tyrael and none other than a friend from the CNCMM and Groovy Gang site and forums Mr. JR007 welcome aboard :-)

  • 24th May 2002

Ladies and gentlemen of the TS world I would like to announce that TKM&M has a new banner for those that wish to affiliate with one of the few remaining active TS sites on the web!! you don't know how pleased I was when someone e-mailed me with that message:*)   

  • 14th May 2002

Well I have two bits of good news, The first is that the merger is now complete now all I have to do is rewrite the link and that should be sorted. The second bit of news is that we have another affiliate Strategy X , welcome aboard. That's it for now see you next time. :-)


  • 11th April 2002

Sorry but nothing new to report, but I am still look for affiliates and unfortunately the forum has  died :*( all my work is about to go down the pan I will have to ask for a merger with Robbie Bear or Enslaver and try to get things back on track.


  • 19th Feb 2002

Today I have managed to make another map for all you happy people and any other TS/FS fans so go on give it a try u may like it ;-) and if you have ne maps you have please e-mail them to me, go to the contacts page to get them to me and I will put them up as soon as possible......

Author: Tank Killer

  • 6th Feb 2002

I have more affiliates, one is CNC map factory and another is Westwood underground and hopefully with any luck more people should visit this site, guess book, and hopefully the forum as well :-/ and now comes with flash intro! okay, okay it is very poorly made it dose its perpose.

Author: Tank Killer

  • 22nd Jan 2002

I've got a new guest book and one or two more affiliates, first the affiliates are 1) The obelisk (CNC resources) and 2) CNC Underground which my maps and mods will be hosted on, you don't know how happy I am :~). And the link to the guest book is in the contents bar on the left<<<.

Author: Tank Killer

  • 18th Jan 2002

I have decided to shift all the affiliate links into a single page instead of me having to type it all out on all the pages, and if any other visitors have a site  of there own I would gladly link them to here even if they don't have anything to do with TS or any C&C title... Go to the contacts  page and e-mail me your details.

Author: Tank Killer

  • 14th Jan 2002

I have started to gather up affiliates in the hope of more people visiting the site and its forum, so fingers crossed :-\

Author: Tank Killer

  • 11th Jan 2002

The beta version of my mod is now available to down load from the downloads page, click HERE to go and download it

Author: Tank Killer


  • 5th Jan 2002

     My first mod ever is now a beta version YAY!!!!, Okay      Okay there maybe some bugs in it somewhere but I will fix it before the next version. Also this very website is also produce and working.... I must admit  it is not the best in the world but I like it.

Author: Tank Killer